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Welcome to all Women Entrepreneurs and their Supporters

Posted by Liz Fuller on August 4, 2007

liz2.jpgDo you know the new math??

  • Nearly 10.4 million US privately-owned firms are owned by women (50% or more), employing more than 12.8 million people, and generating $1.9 trillion in sales.
  • Three quarters of all women-owned businesses are majority owned by women (51% or more), for a total of 7.7 million firms, employing more than 7.1 million people, and generating $1.1 trillion in sales.
  • For the past two decades, majority women-owned firms have continued to grow at around two times the rate of all businesses.

That means that 2 out of 5 US businesses are owned at least 50% by women!

(Center for Women’s Business Research)

Just think of all the knowledge, support, inspiration and wisdom residing in all those millions of Women Entrepreneurs!

Think of the opportunity to learn from each other, to share with each other, to laugh and to cry with each other!

Women Entrepreneurs bring unique qualities to the business world. Not the least of these is our intimate understanding of the importance of community in our lives.

Communities keep us safe. Communities keep us strong. Communities help us grow.

Welcome to the community for Women Entrepreneurs, where we have the opportunity to help each other, more than WE will ever know.

WE are glad you’re here!


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