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About Liz and the MoreThanWeKnow blog

lizpng.pngMy name is Liz Fuller and I’m one in 10 million. Ten million is the number of Women Entrepreneurs in the United States. I’m fascinated by the idea of so many strong, intelligent women taking charge of their futures.

I started this website because I wanted to meet more of these exceptional women and I thought you might like to meet each other. Women have a reputation for not being good at networking. WE don’t like the artificiality of it. WE don’t like the time away from our business and our families. WE don’t like having to get cleaned up and look presentable when we’ve been working 12 hour days!

That’s why this blog MoreThanWEKnow is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other. WE can log on when we need information, inspiration or support – even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning!

Most women I meet tend to downplay their talents and under-value the gifts we bring to others. I’m convinced that WE:

  • know more than we know
  • influence more than we know
  • make a difference in the world, more than we know

WE all have more wisdom, more knowledge, and more insights than even WE ourselves know. WE can all benefit by sharing it with each other.

So, here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a Business Development Specialist who works with Women Entrepreneurs to develop and expand their own businesses. I have over 20 years experience in technology, project management and leadership at a Fortune 50 finance company. I am a certified Project Manager, a Six Sigma green belt and a soon-to-be Certified Empowerment Coach. I have a degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Project Management and am working on a PhD in Organizational Psychology. My area of focus is success factors in Women Entrepreneurs.

My clients are generally most interested in expanding their customer base, increasing their profit margin, improving their quality, maintaining their enthusiasm, leading their employees,  managing their time and balancing their lives.  Solutions are sometimes high-tech and complex but also are often amazingly low-tech and simple.

My husband and I have four grown children. We currently divide our time between living in the dry beauty of the Sonoran desert in Arizona and the wooded serenity of Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. I love to travel nationally and internationally to meet Women Entrepreneurs and learn as much as I can about what motivates and inspires them.

Here is a little of what I have learned so far:

Women Entrepreneurs are the most engaged and passionate women that I have ever met.

Women Entrepreneurs are lifelong learners, dedicated to improving their lives and the lives of their families.

Women Entrepreneurs want financial independence, healthy lifestyles and freedom from worry.

Women Entrepreneurs who share their experiences, insights and support help each other more than WE can ever know.

If that sounds like who you are or who you want to be then you’re in the right placeWE are going to have fun!

Please feel free to leave a reply at the bottom of this page.  

If you prefer to contact me confidentially, please use the contact form immediately below and an email will be sent to me – don’t forget to tell me your email address so I can respond!


10 Responses to “About Liz and the MoreThanWeKnow blog”

  1. What a great, informative blog. I found you on linkreferral. Sounds like you really have a lot to share.

  2. Janine said

    I find your site very useful and inspiring.

  3. Anne said

    Wow, Liz, I am really impressed. Of course, as a woman in business, I am a professional in my product, but quite an amateur in marketing and networking. I came to your blog as someone who does most of my networking online, so the other side is really important for me to work on. I am in skin care and cosmetics, and these really require the personal touch; yet since I am semi-disabled, I find it difficult to get out and do group demonstrations, shows, expos, etc. as I tire easily from the pain of being on my feet. I will be reading more of your site in the future. Thanks!!.

  4. Abad said

    The content that you provide for your networking related site is very original and of great quality. Even though you target female net workers, I found some of your article of great use for myself, a male. Good writers like yourself are hard to come by. Keep it up. .

  5. Melanie said

    I LOVE this site. No need to make ANY changes!.

  6. Rose said

    I have bookmarked this site. Well organized, good navigation. Extremely helpful articles for women (and also men). .

  7. Gary said

    Great website. What I liked is that it had great content and different subjects on the same page…. Nice job..

  8. Crystal said

    Your site is wonderful. I have tried to think of ways to do something similar, but you have done a great job. I’m sure we will get to know a whole lot more about each other as I will be here often. All my best to you.

  9. TonNet said

    I’ve read your background and being a Six Sigma green belt you deserve all my respect. Great blog indeed. I’ve found you thanks to linkreferral. Thanks for the review, as well.

  10. Sven said

    This one of the best websites i have visited, neat,professional, with very informative and inspiring contents. Keep up the good works.

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