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How Green Can Your Small Business Go?

Posted by Liz Fuller on September 13, 2007

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October 15th is Blog Action Day.  On that day more than 5000 blogs will post on one topic – the environment.   Each blogger will add his or her own unique perspective – political bloggers will post on politics and the environment,  parenting bloggers will post on children and the environment, and small business bloggers will post on (you guessed it) small business and the environment.

On that day, I would like to talk about general ways entrepreneurs can help the environment by running their busineses more efficiently and consciously.  But I would also like to talk about specific women entrepreneurs who are contributing in a positive way by: reducing waste, promoting recycling, cleaning up the environment, educating others, etc.

If you are a woman entrepreneur whose business is environmentally conscious and would like to be profiled on my blog, please comment below or contact me directly by using the reply section on my “about” page.

I look forward to hearing about your efforts to go green!!


One Response to “How Green Can Your Small Business Go?”

  1. I believe I meet your criteria. I recently founded my own firm helping businesses go green and communicate their environmental message. I work with non-profits, restaurants, printers, and more. I recently read that small- and medium-sized businesses produce 50% of the pollution that contributes to global warming, yet these same organizations lag behind their larger competitors, who are leading the way in environmental sustainability. The U.S. in general, is way behind our European neighbors. I hope to change that.

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