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Friends are Vital to Small Business Success

Posted by Liz Fuller on September 7, 2007


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How engaged do you feel in your business? 

Do you get up every morning eager to start the day, or do you find yourself looking for ways to postpone the inevitable email, phone calls and paperwork? 

Do you look forward to serving your customers, or feel frustrated that they seem to grow more annoying every day? 

Do you find yourself wondering where the fun has gone?

I’ve been reading Tom Rath’s book Vital Friends which delves into research that indicates that the single most important factor in feeling engaged – is whether or not you have a best friend at work.  

In fact,  research shows that if you have a best friend at work you are significantly more likely to:

  • engage your customers
  • get more done in less time
  • have fun on the job
  • have a safe workplace with fewer accidents
  • innovate and share new ideas
  • feel informed and know that your opinions count
  • have the opportunity to focus on your strengths each day

Rath’s research focused on corporate environments. But it made me wonder about the implications for entrepreneurs, who many times work by themselves. 

Wouldn’t you like to reap these benefits in your own life?

In yesterday’s post we discussed how important it is to have a support system in order to see you through the loneliness and challenges of being in business for yourself. Today’s post demonstrates that a strong support system is necessary in order to give our best to our business, our customers and ourselves.

So, what can solo-entrepreneurs do to obtain the benefits of friendship in the workplace?

One method is to look for creative opportunities to partner with other entrepreneurs in similar professions:

  • collaborate with others on presentations, books, and workshops
  • swap ideas for marketing and advertising
  • create a mastermind group to focus on business development
  • volunteer with others in professional organizations
  • share publicity on community service projects

What other methods do you use to increase your connection to others? How does partnering with others on projects or presentations influence your mood and energy level?  


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