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Networking Legacy

Posted by Liz Fuller on September 1, 2007


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Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.   As many of you remember, Diana was as famous for her shyness as she was for her beauty and grace.  She struggled for years with her feelings of self-consciousness and inadequacy.  It was really only in the final few years of her life that she blossomed into the confident woman that she was.

There is a lesson in Diana’s story for many of us.  In our heads, we play the game of “if only…”  If only I were rich, if only I were beautiful, if only I were famous….then I would be self-confident.  But Diana had all of those things and still struggled with her self-esteem.

It was only as she became more aware of herself and the gifts she brought to the world that she became comfortable in her own skin.  It was only when she realized that her sincere compassion and empathy for others enabled her to touch their hearts, that she grew confident in her interactions.  

In the time following her divorce, Diana realized that she carried her gifts within her, apart from her royal title and trappings.  Despite losing her official place in British royalty, she had gained a permanent position in the world’s hearts as the “People’s Princess.”  Diana used her gift of heart-felt connection to help the world through her involvement with charities and worthwhile causes.  It is impossible to know  how her influence would have grown as she continued to mature into her full sense of her self.


Like Diana, many of us are unaware of our gifts.  We think we need more credentials, more experience, or more knowledge in order to help others.  But like Diana, we all carry the capacity to influence within us. 

Perhaps our actions won’t touch millions, but we do affect those we come in contact with throughout our days – in our business, in our families and in our communities.  

We do not have to be rich or beautiful or famous to make a difference in the world. We just need to get in touch with our own strengths. We need to share the unique gift of who we are with those who come in contact with us. We need to believe in ourselves and in the difference we can make. 

The next time you go to a networking event in which you feel self-conscious and insecure, consider Diana’s legacy: Believe in who you are; Be willing to share yourself with the world;  Believe that others need what you have to offer; Reach out to touch them with compassion and concern; Give them your best self; Trust that it will be enough. 


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