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When do I get to use my 30 second commercial?

Posted by Liz Fuller on August 9, 2007

two-women-chatting.jpgSome people are confused by my approach to networking – it doesn’t seem to afford people an opportunity to use their “30 second commercial”.  This is frustrating because:

1) We’ve all worked so hard to condense our lives and our business into a 30 second sound byte

2) If we don’t use it, how will anyone ever know what we do?

3) It enables us to turn the conversation over to our favorite topic – us!

To me, the most valuable advantage to developing a 30 second commercial is that it clarifies, for us, what our business is about. It helps us hone in on what is important and unique about ourselves and our business.

But the 30 second commercial is really just an invitation. It’s a tease, to get people to ask us to tell them more. 

We can achieve the same results, more powerfully, by listening to them, engaging in a real dialogue and developing a relationship.

If we want people to label us, categorize us, and add us to their rolodex, then use the 30 second commercial and a business card:

“I’m a business development specialist.  I work with women entrepreneurs to develop and grow their small businesses.  We focus on expanding their customer base, increasing their profit margin, engaging their employees and reducing the time they need to devote to their business. Sometimes the solutions are technical and complex while at other times they are amazingly personal and straight-forward.”

or, if you want to have a real conversation, gain some interesting insights, and perhaps make a new friend, how about:

“I have a business devoted to helping women entrepreneurs achieve greater success. I’m always interested in learning more about the challenges women face in running their own business – could you tell me what a typical day is like for you?”

There’s a time and a place for each of these conversations – the key is knowing when to use each approach and to be prepared and comfortable, regardless.


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