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What to do when Networking is Not Working Part 2 of 3

Posted by Liz Fuller on August 9, 2007

talking.jpg In Part I of this 3 part series we discussed ways to make networking a more enjoyable experience. We discussed how to develop more contacts. Many women say they don’t have time to maintain those contacts – and without maintenance, contacts will disappear. So, In Part II we discuss ways to efficiently and effectively maintain your network. 

The following are ways to maintain your network even when you don’t have time.  And to be sure it happens, schedule it on your calendar – don’t wait until you just happen to have free-time.  

If you have 1 hour            invite a friend out for coffee 

If you have 30 minutes           call a friend on the phone  

If you have 15 minutes          send a handwritten note; (keep cards and stamps nearby) 

If you have 10 minutes         send a personal email  

And if you have no spare time? The following are ways to increase your network by multi-tasking:

          jog, walk or exercise with a friend

         participate in a charitable event or non-profit organization

        talk to people at the soccer game, baseball game, dance lesson

         talk to people while taking part in your favorite hobby

         talk on the phone while doing housework or shopping  

         instant message during an (unimportant) meeting  

The point is, not to make networking a separate event that occurs during specific pre-scheduled times.  Reach out and make connections to people anywhere and everywhere that you already frequent.

But remember the tips from Part I – don’t be quick to sell them your services – be interested in them, cultivate them as your network, and they will in turn recommend you to their friends.


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