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Naive, Romantic, and Wanting to Change the World

Posted by Liz Fuller on August 6, 2007

superheroine.jpgThroughout my business career, I’ve always been slightly embarrassed that naive and romantic were the words that best described me.  My career passion has always been  less about making money and more about making meaning.  I’d like to believe that along the way, I’ve made a little of both.   Even the motivation behind the MoreThanWEKnow blog is to emplower women financially, intellectually and emotionally.

Thank goodness that Guy Kawasaki, a man synonymous with venture capitalism and high technology, has made being naive, romantic and even being a cock-eyed optimist – cool. 

In fact, Guy says that we are more likely to be financially successful if we pursue a business that we believe in and that will make the world a better place than if we simply go after the money.

Watch Guy yourself on YouTube. Then ask yourself whether the business you are pursuing meets one or more of his three criteria.  Does it:

  • Increase the quality of life
  • Right a wrong
  • Prevent the end of something good

What would the world be like if WE all woke up in the morning thinking about how WE are creating change as well as creating success??


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